Opus bicycles are Canadian designed by our highly-accomplished design team. As riders themselves, they have created a wide range of city, road, trail and youth bikes to satisfy every rider over every type of terrain. Many Opus bicycles are hand-assembled at our Montreal headquarters. 

Our team of assemblers inspects, greases and torques each and every bolt and component. This ensures that Opus bikes surpass the highest levels of quality and safety and give you the greatest satisfaction right from your very first ride.

Exploring the latest materials and assembly technologies, Opus frames feature precisely calibrated degrees of rigidity and durability, the lightness and shock absorption. That’s what the most demanding cyclists expect from their bikes.

Every Opus frame is the culmination of extensive  research and testing. We ride every prototype just as if it were our own bike, to ensure optimal ride experience.

Opus Bicycles warranties each new Opus aluminum and carbon bicycle frame against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the bicycle.See warranty policy for details, does not apply to dual-suspension frames.

Opus frames are built using premium 6061 aluminum and high modulus carbon fiber. We pride ourselves in selecting the most suitable material for the given ride. From steel for long-distance comfort to carbon for pure speed to aluminum for quick city cruising, we’re confident that an Opus frame will outlast the demands placed on it.  

  • Our lightest and strongest high modulus carbon layup, for ultimate performance.

  • High modulus carbon layup emphasizing power transfer and efficiency.

  • A mix of high modulus and high resistance carbons for the optimum balance of light weight, comfort, performance and durability.

  • Advanced hydro or mechanically formed 6061 tubing in conjunction with triple butting.

  • Double butted 6061 tubing.

  • High quality 6061 tubing.

  • Double butted 4130 Chrome Molybdenum tubing.

  • Light and durable premium grade 6061 Aluminum.

  • For those seeking a new and better way, Opus Electric has arrived. Ergonomic design, advanced engineering and smooth electric assist. Opus Electric bikes have it all. So plug-in and feel the difference. You’ll get a whole new charge every time you ride.

With the PENDIX motor, your OPUS electric bike does not look like an ordinary ebike, and does not feel like one either. It’s an electric bike with the most natural pedaling feeling in the world. It is simple and intuitive to use. The PENDIX motor is a completely new experience; you’ll see, you will want to ride with it as much as possible.

Learn more about Pendix here

SHIMANO STEPS is for all you people - young, old and in between - who love to cycle and get outdoors, and put a premium on healthy living. It's got great range and gets you places fast, even in headwinds and up hills. With the SHIMANO STePS motor, your OPUS electric bike will expand your horizons and help you discover new landscapes.

Learn more about Shimano Steps here


    Approximate maximum distance that can be travelled on a fullycharged battery. This distance will vary depending on total bikeweight, riding style, topography and motor setting.


    Total time to recharge the battery to full capacity.

    Top motor assisted speed. Higher speeds can be reached usinghuman pedal power. 


    Total energy capacity of the battery; calculated by multiplying the voltage of the battery by the amp hours (Ah) of the pack, resulting in the watt hours number (Wh). Higher watt hour ratings generally equal greater ranges.

At Opus, we love riding our bikes as much as you do. So we know that having the right size bike to fit your body is essential to enjoying long road rides. That’s why we’ve developped our own Progressive Geometry for Opus road endurance bikes. An even progression between sizes eliminates gaps and yields a wide range of possibilities for a custom-like fit. This means every rider can be precisely fitted, from a race-specific to a comfortable gran-fondo ready position.   


Optimal fit for responsive and confident handling.

Widest choice of riding positions.

Guaranteed fit for all body proportions.

Tight clustering enables a huge range of stack choice for any given reach. Practically speaking, this means up to 8cm, so riders can choose from aggressive racer to upright endurance position and everything in between all within the same model.

The size guide below is for Opus Endurance series bikes: 
Allegro / Allegro W/ Andante / Andante W

Every bike should have an optimal gear range based on the type of terrain it’s designed for and the speeds at which it’s ridden. Unfortunately, the actual gear range you get rarely conforms to the optimal.

Too many bikes come with a one-size-fits-all gear selection. Typically, the top gears are too high for most riders, which means two things: You’re not getting the full benefit of all the gears you’ve paid for. And, because the range is unnecessarily wide, between-gear jumps are both unpleasant and inefficient.

At Opus, Optimal Gearing means tailoring each bike’s gear range to its intended use so you benefit from the maximum number of useable gears. In many cases we offer more useable gears on our drivetrains than other bikes boasting a higher number of total gears. How do we do that? By keeping the range specific to the needs of a particular bike, so gear spacing is tighter. That way, you never lose your rhythm when shifting up or down.

Wherever possible, we also use smaller front chain-rings, enabling us to specify smaller rear cogs and a shorter chain. Result? Dramatically lower bike weight at no additional cost.

Optimal Gearing from Opus. For a lighter, easier shifting, more efficient and more fun bike to ride.

At Opus, we recognize that women need bikes that offer personalized fit, great comfort and long-term value. Whether they’re designed for city or road, all our women’s bikes offer women-specific sizing and selected components tuned to the female physique.

    Smaller sizing for most road and city bikes, 
    with lower step-through and shorter reach. 

    Female-specific saddles for greater comfort.

  • STEM
    Shorter stems for better control.

    Narrower handlebars for comfort and 
    precise handling


We bring the very same focus and passion to designing our youth bikes as we bring to every other Opus bike. Each delivers safety and fun, along with exceptional quality and value. You’ll find a size and age-appropriate model for every budding cyclist.  

We begin by tailoring the frame geometry and component selection for an optimal fit, from stand over height to stem and crank length. We then add features that ensure a simply great riding experience. This includes correct-reach hand brakes, safety headsets and training wheels. And we finish with the neighborhood’s coolest graphics and colors! Result? Parent-friendly bikes that kids really want to ride.


We design and build Opus youth bikes on three founding principles:

A is for ALUMINUM. Most other bike makers use heavy steel frames and forks for their youth models. We prefer aluminum.Why? A lighter bike is easier for a kid to handle. It rides better, starts easier and, most important, it stops faster. Aluminum is alsonaturally corrosion resistant, so it’s more durable. Parents appreciate that our bikes last longer.

B is for BRAKES. Remember coaster brakes? When you got older, you learned that hand brakes had better stopping power. So why make today’s kids wait? The sooner they get used to hand brakes, the more years of safe riding they’ll have. Even our smallest bikes have them!

C is for CONTROL. A lighter bike with powerful brakes is easier to control and therefore safer to ride. Plus, our smaller youth bikes have a specially-designed headset that resists fork spin. This means even better control and a reduced risk of injury.