Inspire new cyclists.

Founded in 2000, some passionate cyclists at OGC put their decades of experience working with the industry’s top brands to better use. By designing, testing and riding our very own bikes! Montreal turned out to be the ideal testing ground for Opus. Hills, snow, ice, rain? If Opus bikes excelled here, they’d be great anywhere! Since then, we’ve never stopped tweaking and improving Opus bikes, so customers have a ride that’s always safe, comfortable and fun. 

From our very first collection which included five high performance road bikes, our range of bikes has evolved a lot over time to now offer models for all tastes.

From developing and refining our Progressive Geometry and Optimized Gearing to applying the ABC principles to our Youth series, we make well built, well spec’d bikes without compromise to comfort and style. 

Cycling allows you to discover the world, experience new adventures and forge links with other enthusiasts. Each outing provides its share of sensations. It is an experience like no other. That’s why we make bikes, and why we encourage so many people to ride bikes. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a new enthusiast learn about the joys of cycling.


Proud Montrealers

We are the bike house brand of Outdoor Gear Canada (OGC) and all of our e-bikes are assembled and tested in our Montreal facilities. To ensure the highest standards of quality and safety, every bolt and component is carefully inspected, lubricated and adjusted by our highly skilled assembly team. The rest of the “muscular” type bikes and children’s bikes are assembled in Asia with the same standards as the bikes leaving our head office. OPUS bikes are distributed across Canada.

Our team of passionate cyclists touches on all spheres of the design of all our bikes; through the design, the choice of parts, the visual and the marketing. Having a particular climate in our country, we test our bikes all year long to ensure that no matter the bad weather or the harshness of the climate, your bike will be up for an adventure.

Being also concerned about environmental issues, we operate in eco-responsible facilities: LEED certified by Hydro-Québec for its energy efficiency, our head office has also obtained the Eco Énergie mention for its energy savings and its reduction of greenhouse gases.

MEDIA call2recycle and ebike box box
Transport box for OPUS electric bikes.

OPUS cares about the environment

Our e-bikes use packaging that protects the bikes from damage in transit while minimizing the use of plastic and other packaging materials. Our box allows bikes to be shipped 95% pre-assembled. It is reinforced with recyclable cardboard triangles to secure the bike, thus reducing the use of plastic packaging by more than 50%.

In addition, we are in partnership with the organization Call2recycle, helping our network of retailers to safely and responsibly recycle any potentially harmful components for the environment when it comes to e-bikes. Disposing of batteries in landfills can cause serious environmental damage and is not a sustainable practice.

Call2Recycle works with many companies to facilitate the safe collection, handling, transport and recycling of batteries.

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Opus understands that as part of the cycling industry, we have a responsibility to lessen our impact on the environment. Bikes are a great tool to fight climate change, so let’s work on making them more sustainable. We are proud to offer you quality bikes that not only meet your riding style, but your lifestyle.

Ambassadors / Partners


Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to strengthen social inclusion between generations. Creatively and collaboratively, we nurture our local community through innovative approaches on the themes of youth engagement, urban and peri-urban food systems, food security and community engagement.


Cyclo Nord-Sud’s mission is to recover and recycle unused bicycles for the benefit of vulnerable communities through various local and international solidarity initiatives. Our goal is to make this means of transport accessible to all, in an equitable way and to use it as a tool for change, social and economic development, from an environmental perspective.

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Uptown Trav promotes the benefits of cycling while providing access to underserved communities. It mobilizes creative resources at the community level and fosters conversations across cycling to ensure cyclists from all backgrounds feel included. He advocates a healthier lifestyle that transcends the culture of food. There’s enough for everyone to eat at this table.