Meta 30 Alloy

Advanced hydro or mechanically formed 6061 tubing in conjunction with triple butting.

Meta 20 Alloy

Double butted 6061 tubing.

Meta 10 Alloy

Single butted 6061 tubing.

6061 Alloy

Light and durable premium grade 6061 aluminum for youth-sized frames.

Meta 20 Steel

Double butted chrome molybdenum tubing.

Meta 10 Steel

Hi-tensile steel tubing.


Extra-light frame and components for easy handling and pedaling.


Carbon Fork

A carbon fork delivers the best balance of lightweight, compliance and comfort.

Alloy Fork

Lightweight aluminum fork for better handling and weight savings.


Progressive Geometry

Even progression between sizes eliminating gaps, yielding a wide range of possibilities for a custom-like fit.

Optimized Gearing

Tailored gear range for its specific use; benefiting from the maximum number of useable gears.

EPT Anti-Rust Technology

KMC EPT chains are designed to easily withstand extreme weather conditions, including salt, high humidity, snow and rain storms.

Gear Ratio

Highlight of the gear offering for each specific model. Front gearing (1,2 or 3 gears) X rear gearing (7,8,9,10, 11 or 12).

Sizing Range

Range of sizing for each specific model, ranging from double extra small (XXS) to double extra large (XXL).

Youth Sizing

Wheel size for each specific youth model, ranging from 12" to 24".



Approximate maximum distance that can be travelled on a full charge.

Battery Charge Time

Total time to recharge the battery to full capacity.

Maximum Speed

Top motor-assisted speed.

Battery Capacity

Total energy capacity of the battery.