Find out how the E-Big City lives up to its name around downtown Toronto.

 “In terms of power, the motor will lend power assistance to your pedalling up to the legal limit of 32 km/h. I obviously wanted to test the limit and (after a few really fun sprints) I can confirm that once 32km/h is reached there’s a marked difference in the difficulty of pedalling. It was really easy for me to see how fast I was going, as the bike has an included speed sensor and displays your current speed on the integrated display.”

“Buttons next to the display control which of three levels of assist you’re riding at. Some riders might choose a lower level of pedal-assist for narrower streets with lots of turns, or maybe when they are starting and stopping a lot. I personally spent most of the time riding this bike at max assist, successfully avoiding showing up to any engagement with even a drop of sweat on my body. My extreme laziness about Toronto’s marginal Northbound inclines was no longer an issue.

“The E-Big City has a 1 x 9 Shimano drivetrain setup, which, with pedal assist, I found was a satisfactory number of gears for city riding. “

“For enhanced commuting, the E-Big City features front and rear rack mounts.Overall I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Opus E-Big City. The bike made commuting much more enjoyable and performed well in a range of weather conditions. “

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