Our core design goal is simple: provide each Opus owner with a bike that lasts as long as possible and is fun to ride. To make this happen, the Opus team designs bikes from the ground up.  

We use proven technology that works. We believe in being up to date but not in using our customers for field testing of ideas that may not stand the test of time. We employ industry standard parts that can be sourced anywhere in the world and will be available for years to come rather than proprietary parts which may quickly become unavailable. Timeless graphics complete the package, resulting in bikes that are easy to maintain and will serve you reliably and look great for many years to come.

IMAGE design principles3

What else is core to Opus design principles?

The right gear for the terrain 

We design every Opus bike with gearing that is based on the type of terrain and the speeds at which it’s ridden. We call this Optimal Gearing, and it produces a bike that’s easier to shift gears, more efficient, lighter and more fun to ride. 

With Optimal Gearing, you get more usable gears and tighter gears spacing. Result: you never lose rhythm when shifting up or down. Plus, wherever possible we use smaller front chainrings, smaller rear cogs and a shorter chain, so this more compact drivetrain gives you a lighter bike at no additional cost. 

The right bike for every kid

The Opus kid’s lineup has seen plenty of changes over the years. But one design principle hasn’t changed: we’re laser-focused on creating bikes for kids. Whether it’s a new bike or a tweak to an existing model, Opus knows its ABCs — Aluminum, Brakes, and Control.

Aluminum : Light and strong enough to withstand everyday “kid treatment.”

Brakes : Hand brakes on every kid’s bike, with shorter-reach levers on smaller models.

Control : All the above, plus anti-spin headsets for the youngest riders, give kids greater control, confidence and fun from their very first ride.

Guided by these simple and practical design principles that build on the foundations of all Opus bikes, our team takes extra care to make bikes that perform far better than the sum of their parts. We wouldn’t have it any other way.