We believe in better living through cycling. As a Montréal based company, it’s at the core of everything our company stands for. Because for us, cycling is more than just an activity. It’s a way of life that spins off into everything you do. Better for you. Better for the community. Better for the environment. It’s a movement that is growing each and every day. A movement of liberty, autonomy and the pure joy of simply being on two wheels. Join us for the ride.

About us

We create new cyclists every day.

Since day one, we’ve been an integral part of a collective movement that brings people together from all rides of life. From group riding to cycling clubs, we believe that the more people we get on bikes, the more we all benefit as a society. It’s the kind of thinking that runs deep at Opus and is translated into the design of each and every one of our bikes. No matter what type of cyclist you are, we are driven to build high quality bikes that suit not only your riding style, but your lifestyle.

Road warriors, recreational riders, trail blazers, urban adventurers, or that precious first bike, Opus is ready for you. With frames and components that feature the best available technologies, all of our bikes are designed to make every Opus ride – the ride of your life.


We’ve come a long way.

Our journey started out in our Montréal office with five road bikes. With road always playing a big role in our performance and race bikes, we’ve since grown into a line-up of over 100 bikes. And with a natural progression into urban cycling, today we’re proud as punch to say that we have one of the most varied urban bike line-ups in the cycling industry. With a new generation of bike lovers along for the ride, we’ve made a whole lot of new friends both on and off the road.


  •  Environment


    Cycling is a driving force in creating a better environment for us all. And that also goes for the way we build our bikes. Case in point, our LEED-certified headquarters was awarded a Hydro Quebec Excellence Award for high performance in energy efficiency, as well as an ecoEnergy Award for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

  •  Employee health

    Employee health

    A healthy employee is a happy employee. Which is why we really take health to heart. At Opus, employees enjoy a very supportive work atmosphere, where they benefit from yoga sessions, subsidized healthy meals, a free on-site gym, educational support – not to mention a program that promotes public transportation and cycling to work

  •  Community


    We don’t just build bikes. We are part of the cycle of every day life. Which means we are very active when it comes to supporting cycling clubs and youth-oriented cycling initiatives. From bike races and festivals to helping junior athletes like Andreanne Pichette achieve international prominence, we’re always there. Pushing cyclists further and creating lifelong enthusiasts. For more on how we take cycling from the street into the community, visit our ambassadors and partners section.


  • Rouleurs


    A root of three well weathered cyclist inspired to share a philosophy. #OPUSROULEURS.
  • David McMillan

    David McMillan

    From the streams, rivers , lakes and mountains of la belle province , true sons of Little Burgundy. Quebec traditions & food history. Owner at JoeBeef Liverpool House.
  • Lee Jackson

    Lee Jackson

    Eclectic cyclist. Coffee enthusiast
  • Stéphane Lebeau

    Stéphane Lebeau

    9x world track champion. I love training and working on bikes. In my younger days I raced motorcycles. But during a summer bike ride across Canada, at age 21, my passion really took off.
  • Veronique Fortin

    Veronique Fortin

    My bike is my shadow. It brought me from medical school, to the top of the podium. It brings me every day to the hospital and to the highest mountains, My bike has given me a lot.


  • Gophrette Power

    Gophrette Power

    Don't judge someone by the size of these lenses !!!
  • Pété Photographie

    Pété Photographie

    Julien aka “Pété Photographie” is a photographer specialized in the cycling industry. From UCI races to urban cycling, the intensity of his images differentiates himself from other in the industry. Already proven on amazing projects, he’s had the chance to gain recognition by collaborating with brands on international scale.
  • Santropol Roulant

    Santropol Roulant

    Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations and cultures. Creatively and collaboratively, we strengthen and nourish our local community with our novel approaches to active youth engagement, urban food systems, food security and community care.
  • Penguin


    Penguin is a team of image lovers who believe in images that convey meaning and feeling. Whether they are frozen in time or animated with the rhythms of life, their images mark, feed and give birth to passion.
  • MOBA


    Since 2001, MOBA has put in place measures to reduce automobile use and encourage alternative transport. By representing Saint-Laurent businesses, it plays an active role in creating new options favouring public transit.On the cutting edge of technology, Moba has refined ArcGis geographic information system (GIS) software, which is used to manage geographic data, perform regional spatial analyses, and create and disseminate maps. The CGD also offers an inexpensive advisory service to help you put in place Covoiturage AMT software.