About us

You kind of know it. You kind of feel it.

Every time you get on your bike.

Every time you ride with a smile on your face.

Every time you navigate the urban landscape,

climb that hill, feel the freedom.


This thing with 2 wheels is more than the sum of its parts.

More than steel, carbon, aluminum, wheel, brake, tape, spoke and chain.

OPUS has something that no other bike has.

It has soul.


And that soul was born out of our unique heritage.

One that takes its roots in geography, craftsmanship and determination.


Montreal, Canada, North America.

A city rooted both in the new & the old world.

A meeting point between Europe and North America

A meeting point between a strong tradition of urban mobility,

one that spans centuries, and an epicentre of innovation and technology.


For the last 15 years, we’ve been fusing the art of design

and the science of manufacturing to create bikes.

Crafting bikes that not only look good but feel good.


This is no chance. It isn’t random.

It is the result of never being satisfied, never being happy.

Relentlessly pushing to get better.

Always chasing that feeling, that smile.


And so, the next time you jump on your OPUS Bike,

the next time you cannot put your finger on this “je ne sais quoi”,

that thing, that feel, that touch that makes you love your bike so much.

Remember its proud lineage.


Opus bike - Chase that smile!


Ambassadors / Partners

  • Pété Photographie

    Pété Photographie

    Julien aka “Pété Photographie” is a photographer specialized in the cycling industry. From UCI races to urban cycling, the intensity of his images differentiates himself from other in the industry. Already proven on amazing projects, he’s had the chance to gain recognition by collaborating with brands on international scale.
  • Santropol Roulant

    Santropol Roulant

    Santropol Roulant uses food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations and cultures. Creatively and collaboratively, we strengthen and nourish our local community with our novel approaches to active youth engagement, urban food systems, food security and community care.
  • Penguin


    Penguin is a team of image lovers who believe in images that convey meaning and feeling. Whether they are frozen in time or animated with the rhythms of life, their images mark, feed and give birth to passion.
  • QRB Services

    QRB Services

    Services techniques QRB specializes in bicycle repair and maintenance during cycling events across Quebec. The expertise and professionalism of their mechanics has kept them at the forefront of event servicing for 16 years.
  • Gophrette Power

    Gophrette Power

    Don't judge someone by the size of these lenses !!!
  • MOBA


    Since 2001, MOBA has put in place measures to reduce automobile use and encourage alternative transport. By representing Saint-Laurent businesses, it plays an active role in creating new options favouring public transit.On the cutting edge of technology, Moba has refined ArcGis geographic information system (GIS) software, which is used to manage geographic data, perform regional spatial analyses, and create and disseminate maps. The CGD also offers an inexpensive advisory service to help you put in place Covoiturage AMT software.