245 bottomvAtelier de velo avec La Rue Inspire Opus Bike

Two weeks ago we’ve had the pleasure to meet the boys from Inspire & Ball, a La Rue Inspire program offering youth the opportunity to broaden their horizons by learning new skills in a variety of workshops.

 About Inspire & Ball

Inspire & Ball is a La Rue Inspire initiative in partnership with Puma & Puma Hoops focused on basketball, fitness, wellness, and culture. Their goal is to create experiences off the court that encourage the youth to be more creative as well as take better care of themselves physically and mentally.

About La Rue Inspire

La Rue Inspire represents home, wherever that is. LRI was started by Setiz Taheri with a goal to inspire the next great before the system decides their fate.  They have been able to use the lessons our environments and experiences have given us to uplift our communities with the same principles that are deemed negative by outsiders who judge rather than understand. This platform allows us to reclaim the power that we often give away unknowingly. True power lies with the people so we focus our projects on mobilizing individuals and demonstrating the strength in numbers. We have built our entity around creativity, community, culture & commerce. These pillars give us our voice and help us communicate our vision via multiple artistic mediums.

246 bottomvAtelier de velo avec La Rue Inspire Opus Bike
245vAtelier de velo avec La Rue Inspire Opus Bike

We’ve given them a crash course on bike maintenance, covering the basics like how to fix a flat, adjust their gears, or seat height. Useful tips for everyday riders b4d2da59 1661 455b 9554 6f7721d36267 

Following the workshop, the team went on unique bike ride with our ambassador Travis where they stopped at local cafés to experience new flavors.

Because this is all cycling is about .. exploring! 

248 bottomvAtelier de velo avec La Rue Inspire Opus Bike

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