Our most comfortable bike yet!

Park picnics, ice-cream with the family or just good old fashioned fresh air fun, the Quartier adds comfort to your outdoor lifestyle. With larger smooth rolling tires, an incredibly big and comfy saddle and handlebars that help you have a blast with your new ride. 

LANDING Quartier 3
LANDING Quartier 1
So easy to ride!

The low-entry frame shape helps riders mount and dismount the Quartier with ease. This design helps people with different body types to get outside and ride. 

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LANDING Quartier 6
LANDING Quartier 7
LANDING Quartier 8
LANDING Quartier 9
LANDING Quartier 10
Lighter than it looks. 

This isn’t the pro racing tour, we get it, but a lightweight bike often matters more to everyday riders than anyone else. That’s why the Quartier is designed to be more agile and maneuverable in addition to being over 10 pounds lighter than a bike-share bike, making it likely that this will be the easiest-to-ride comfort bike you have ever seen!  

LANDING Quartier 11
LANDING Quartier 12