We’ve seen the future and it’s electric

We’ve seen the future and it’s electric

During last year’s New Year celebrations, we all thought 2020 would be a year of change. But who could have expected anything like today’s new normal? Change indeed! 2020 has forced us to rethink everything: how we work and play, how we shop and socialize and, not least, how we get around — all of it critical to sustaining our urban lifestyle. Increasingly, though, mobility has been front and centre, and for many reasons: the need to travel safely, to stay physically active, and to enjoy a measure of independence. For Opus, all these factors share one common denominator: the electric bike.

For 2020 and the new normal, Opus’s mission has been clear: electrify our urban lifestyle by championing a new kind of transportation, one that’s rooted in our city and celebrates the best of Montreal. 

A local company committed to its beloved city, Opus showcases the creative energy of those who proudly call Montreal home. As part of its effort to promote and support local artists, Opus is shining a spotlight on photographer Dominique Lafond, visual artist Le Bicar, and content and graphic designer Audrey Rivet. Each is using Opus bikes as a creative platform from which to express an aesthetic that reflects Montreal’s vibrant and eclectic diversity. 

It’s an urban-themed undertaking that reflects Opus’s own offering. 

Of course, embracing urban and electric bikes is about more than embracing a product. It’s about embracing an entire lifestyle. It's about supporting our urban communities every time we take a zero-emissions mode of transportation — one that makes it easier and healthier to get around, and that promotes a unique urban lifestyle that celebrates community and innovation.

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