Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

The goal was to “kick it” with anyone who had heard of the Rouleurs Cycling Club. It turned out to be a great crowd! We gathered over 20 cyclists to cruise in and out of city!

The heart of Montreal can be a pretty epic playground if you can find ease navigating through congestion and mass amounts of orange cones. It offers a wide variety of terrain decorated by its many different urban landscapes. It gives casual riders/commuters the infrastructure needed while catering to more serious sportsters. The ride took the locals and the foreign riders up Mount-Royal, café stop, across the Old Port and over onto Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to end at Bon Vivants Boutique.

It’s easy to cocoon with same people and sometimes challenging to meet new riders but this was an opportunity to connect with new faces, local clubs, national level athletes etc. All for the same pleasures!

Say hello next time.

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