Rouleurs : Chapter II

Rouleurs : Chapter II

Along with the implementation of the Rouleurs Cycle Club; 3 avid riders were chosen for this special project. Here's one story!

Hello I’m Nicolas, bike enthusiast since early childhood! The word bicycle signifies freedom and adventure to me! I like grabbing the opportunity to ride as often as I can.

It all started on a BMX which funnelled into 8 years of downhill competition. Only later, I discovered road bikes for training on the downhill circuit.

From there passion grew for the sport. I thank mountain biking for the tools on the road I’m appreciating now because I can adapt to any kind of terrain while staying creative! The sport permits me to push myself and the machine under me.

Piloting is an aspect I like about cycling searching for the perfect line even on road! To be in harmony with my bike is the basis for the fun :).

FULL ARTICLE AVAILABLE on : TroisièmeOeil photos : @gophrettepower

Nicholas's customized OPUS ALLEGRO 1 specs :

* (part differs from the production model)

My customized Opus Allegro amalgamates with my style! I like to charge downhills because of its stability at high speeds; the disc brakes allow it while bending the bike as low as possible. The Allegro responds without a doubt! For longer trips the Opus Progressive Geometry and wise choice in frame angles give me unmatched ease allowing me to enjoy a few ascents depending on my mood. The bike also gets up to speed like a racing machine while remaining enjoyable to ride.

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