A Québec Cycling Tradition The Mardis cyclistes de Lachine was born out of the dream of Joseph ‘’Tino’’ Rossi 38 years ago to become one of the most highly-anticipated events bringing Montreal’s cycling community together. Although only ten cyclists took part in the competition’s first edition, this number has skyrocketed to over 200 riders, with more than 60,000 fans cheering for their favorites ten Tuesdays every summer.


OPUS is excited to take part in this initiative and to sponsor the La Vie Sportive – Apogée – OPUS team. Standout team members for the 38th edition of the Mardi cyclistes de Lachine include Roberval’s François Girard and Sainte-Foy’s Elisabeth Albert. The team, with its many shining stars, has the talent and potential to win races this summer, and OPUS will be clapping at the finish line.

OPUS is also proud to lend its support to Quebecois cyclist François Parisien, who won the Canadian Road Race Championship in 2005. After experiencing great success in various national and international races, François retired from professional cycling in 2013 and now provides expert commentary for UCI races broadcasted on RDS. Despite his retirement, he still dazzles us on the road, most notably during the Mardi cyclistes where he competes with the pro-elite peloton and impresses with his sprinting abilities.

OPUS mandated a photographer to capture the competition’s second race highlights on June 16. The start was given as rain came pouring down, but morale remained high despite a mid-race crash involving fifty cyclists. Most of the contestants courageously climbed back on their saddles to finish the race on a high note.

Come rain or shine, the Mardis cyclistes de Lachine are not to be missed!

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