A gastronomic cycling event. Hundreds of kilometers. Breathtaking scenery. Gastronomic discoveries. Festive atmosphere. Just a few words that summarize the 2015 Grand Tour Desjardins.


From St-Jean-sur-Richelieu to St. Albans through Granby, Magog and Cowansville –no less than 1,400 cyclists took on the challenge, straddling their bikes in search of new flavours, from the Eastern Townships to Vermont. During the first week of August, these cycling enthusiasts lived exceptional times during which the Eastern Townships’ valleys paved the way for peaceful Vermont landscapes.

About 80km per day - more for those who took on optional routes - is what was needed to satisfy wanderlust while enjoying tastings of all kinds along the way. Cheese and chocolate shops, vineyards, village cafes and thematic workshops were must-sees in this journey and proved to be the best way to energize the cyclists. After hours of effort, days ended in a festive atmosphere, where everyone had the chance to give their feedback and anecdotes on their daily adventures.

To supervise these hundreds of cyclists, a dedicated team was willing to take on any challenge. Organizers went to great extents to ensure every participant could live the experience to its fullest!

The Opus team was also available for small mechanical issues. Always ready for the peloton arrival at the end of the day, Opus’s experts provided small adjustments and technical support for bikes in greatest need.

This gastronomic cycling event definitely had all the ingredients for an incomparable experience!

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