1. We’ve seen the future and it’s electric

    We’ve seen the future and it’s electric

    During last year’s New Year celebrations, we all thought 2020 would be a year of change. But who could have expected anything like today’s new normal? Change indeed! 2020 has forced us to rethink everything: how we work and play, how we shop and socialize and, (...)
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  2. BIG RED 2019

    BIG RED 2019

    There’s nothing quite like it! Leading up to the event, it monopolizes hall-talk around office to the point it gets annoying for some not attending. But, a lot of us at Opus take part in the event! If it’s not riding, it’s volunteering, if it’s not (...)
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  3. Santropol Roulant: Renewing our commitment

    Santropol Roulant: Renewing our commitment

    A worthwhile goal can mobilize an entire community – much like our own mission at Opus bike. That’s why we have decided to renew our commitment to Santropol Roulant by providing the community organization with bikes and quality parts to meet their (...)
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  4. Manifesto


    It is the result of never being satisfied, never being happy Relentlessly pushing to get better. Always chasing that feeling, that smile.
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