1. Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

    Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

    The goal was to “kick it” with anyone who had heard of the Rouleurs Cycling Club. It turned out to be a great crowd! We gathered over 20 cyclists to cruise in and out of city!
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  2. Opus @Land Run 100

    Opus @Land Run 100

    As the warm cycling season came to an end last September in Montréal, Québec, Ken Avery from Vittoria USA gave me a call. He wanted to know if there was any interest in attending the Land Run 100 – a premium 100-mile gravel race held on the red clay roads of (...)
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  3. Break The Ice

    Break The Ice

    Winter can be long in Canada; it’s something we’ve learned to embrace as part of our country’s DNA. The more you fight it, the more it fights back.
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  4. The McMillan Opus Story

    The McMillan Opus Story

    For Montreal foodies, it’s hard to remember a time before David McMillan. With the launch of Joe Beef in 2005, he and his partners were almost responsible for the resurgence of Montreal’s Little Burgundy neighbourhood. The former enfant terrible of the local (...)
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