1. Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

    Bon Vivants X Rouleurs Cafe Ride

    The goal was to “kick it” with anyone who had heard of the Rouleurs Cycling Club. It turned out to be a great crowd! We gathered over 20 cyclists to cruise in and out of city!
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  2. Opus @Land Run 100

    Opus @Land Run 100

    As the warm cycling season came to an end last September in Montréal, Québec, Ken Avery from Vittoria USA gave me a call. He wanted to know if there was any interest in attending the Land Run 100 – a premium 100-mile gravel race held on the red clay roads of (...)
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  3. Break The Ice

    Break The Ice

    Winter can be long in Canada; it’s something we’ve learned to embrace as part of our country’s DNA. The more you fight it, the more it fights back.
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